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Brittany KirnRegional Supervisor - Alameda

    Brittany Kirn has a background in Advocacy, Education, and Mental Health Care. Prior to joining Empowered Aging, Brittany worked for a nonprofit called Verity as a crisis counselor and advocate for survivors of sexual assault. At Verity, she had the opportunity to work with several, diverse populations impacted by complex trauma and sexual violence. Brittany began her advocacy career in the detention facilities of Sonoma County, providing resources and services to the incarcerated community and leading evidence-based therapeutic groups. She later went on to assist in creating a grant-funded advocacy program for Sonoma State University and served as a Confidential Advocate, supporting survivors of sexual assault through federal Title IX cases. Brittany’s goal in her work thus far has been to provide impacted individuals and communities with resources as well as intervention and prevention services, in order to foster empowerment and help address the effects of systemic injustice, violence, and trauma.

    Brittany holds a Bachelors in English Literature from San Francisco State University. She is a licensed crisis counselor in the state of California and a certified facilitator of ‘Seeking Safety,’ an evidence-based therapeutic model designed to help individuals attain safety from substance abuse, PTSD, and trauma. Brittany is looking forward to applying her experience and skills to her advocacy work with seniors and adults with disabilities, ensuring that they feel empowered, respected, cared for, and heard. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys reading, going on long walks, making music, and quality time with her friends and kitty, Babes.