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Jacob BronsonRegional Supervisor

    A native of the San Joaquin Valley, Jacob began working in the nonprofit sector at a young age. For more than 15 years, Jacob has collaborated with service organizations and community leaders to break down stigma and open doors of opportunity alongside those he serves.

    He began his advocacy and empowerment journey by developing inclusive performing arts opportunities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Jacob’s previous work as a Patients’ Rights Advocate enabled him to assist in defending the rights and expressed interests of people experiencing mental health crises. More recently, Jacob has served as a Person-Centered Planning Coordinator. Supporting service-based organizations in the development of planning and programming that align with the wants and needs of those receiving services.

    Among his other achievements, Jacob has spearheaded numerous change initiatives aimed at reshaping culture and attitudes toward underserved populations. He has developed high-quality training modules and in-services to increase community and stakeholder awareness of person-centered perspectives and practices. Jacob has also coordinated multiple fundraising campaigns and initiatives, as well as donor development incentives that have led to gains of over $50K.

    Jacob studied music and organizational leadership, and is a certified Person-Centered Thinking™ Trainer. He is also an accomplished singer and actor. Having received numerous awards and accolades as a performer. Most recently, Jacob was seen onstage at American Conservatory Theatre. 

    Jenny Wilcox