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Thank you for your interest in our events! We work hard to create opportunities for older adults, families, community members, and elder care professionals to network and come together to spread awareness and mobilize forces to build a better journey in aging starting now.

Past Events:

Elder Justice Lunch & Learn

April 21, 2022

Emergency Housing and Shelter Needs for Survivors of Elder Abuse

As you may know, perpetrators of elder abuse are often those the victim knows personally – partners, family members, caregivers, close friends, and other relations where you may expect compassion and care. For advocates who facilitate access to care and services needed by abuse victims, that may involve stabilizing their lives through emergency or transitional housing needs. Unfortunately, many challenges exist when it comes to securing accessible housing. In the April session of the Elder Justice Lunch & Learn Series, we will talk with Joy Solomon, Esq., the Director and Managing Attorney of the Weinberg Center for Elder Justice, about different housing models and how they address victims’ needs.

Elder Justice Lunch & Learn

March 17, 2022

Elder Abuse: A Retrospective Analysis of a Shifting Perspective

If you do any research into the history of elder abuse, you will find that it only began appearing on the national scene in the late 70s. However, efforts to help older adults are said to have begun over two decades before.

Elder Abuse Investigation and Prosecution expert Paul Greenwood has prosecuted over 750 felony cases of physical, sexual, emotional, and financial elder abuse. He has also prosecuted ten murder cases, including one death penalty case. In this session, Paul will be doing a retrospective analysis of how perceptions of elder abuse have shifted over his career. He will share insights on how attitudes towards tackling elder abuse are evolving, bias and ageism, gaps in the criminal justice system, ggressive prosecution vs. restorative justice, and more!

Elder Justice Lunch & Learn

February 17, 2022

Online Scams, Prevention, and Resolution

In a world of passwords, social media, and “phishy” emails, it can be overwhelming to know who to trust. How can a normal person know when that message from your cousin telling you about a new opportunity is legit or if it is a scammer eager to help you part with your hard-earned money? You have watched the Netflix movies, seen the news stories about “other people” falling prey to those scams, and you have definitely promised yourself that it will never be you. But online scammers target everyone, even experts.

In a new Lunch & Learn session, we will chat with Shirley Krohn, a fierce and renowned advocate for the rights and dignity of older adults. Shirley has spent decades raising awareness about the dangers of fraud prevention and online scams, and she is going to share her recent brush with an online scam with the Elder Justice Lunch and Learn community. We will have an in-depth conversation about how easy it can be to be lured in by skilled fraudsters, what we can do to prevent it, and how we as practitioners can work closely with survivors of abuse to help them share their stories and seek resolution.

Elder Justice Lunch & Learn

January 20, 2022

Combating Physical Elder Abuse

As we grow older, some injuries like bruises, broken bones and pressure sores become more common. They can be due to innocent causes such as a fall or difficulty with mobility. But, unfortunately, there are times when these injuries are related to an abusive or neglectful situation. Did you know that nearly 1 in 10 Americans will experience some form of elder abuse in their later years? And currently, there are over 5,000,000 victims in the U.S. To say elder abuse is an epidemic is an understatement, and our numbers are rising every day.

In our next Lunch and Learn session, we will be joined by Dr. Laura Mosqueda, former Dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine and Professor of Family Medicine. As a widely respected authority on elder abuse and care of the elderly, we’re thrilled to have her sit down with us to discuss how to distinguish between causes of injury and how medications can be used as a form of abuse.

Elder Justice Lunch & Learn

October 21, 2021

Recognizing Residents’ Rights

October is Residents’ Rights Month. An annual event where we to recognize the rights, respect, and dignity that all long-term care residents are entitled to. But we don’t stop there. This is also a time to honor those in our communities receiving services in their homes or wherever they may be.

We hope you will join us for a special Lunch & Learnas we come together to encourage facilities and those serving older adults and adults with disabilities to celebrate and spread awareness of the dignity and respect that all in this vulnerable population deserve.

Elder Justice Lunch & Learn

September 16, 2021

Collaborating with Elder Abuse Attorneys in the Private Sector

Many older adults and adults with disabilities face problems and abuse that they may not know how to solve. In these circumstances, accessible legal assistance and resources are needed. But what happens when they don’t know where to turn to find help? In the nonprofit world, organizations typically work with nonprofit attorneys and legal aid, but there are a number of reputable for-profit attorneys who specialize in elder abuse.

In this Lunch & Learn session, we will be hearing from elder abuse attorney Mark Redmond, Esq. to explore how we can effectively work with attorneys in the private sector to combat elder abuse.

Elder Justice Lunch & Learn

August 19, 2021

Amicus, What?

Amicus briefs can be a powerful tool to express support or opposition to pending legal cases. Yet, all too often CBOs, whose clients are most affected by the rulings, are left out of the process. Join us to learn from a panel of legal experts and fellow elder advocates who have leveraged amicus briefs to create systemic change and more equitable outcomes for their communities. Panelists include Leza Coleman, Executive Director for the California Long-Term Care Ombudsman Association, Jim Treggiari, Executive Director at Legal Assistance for Seniors, and Sil Vossler, Founder and Principal of Vossler Law Firm. We can’t wait to Lunch & Learn with you!

Elder Justice Lunch & Learn – Summer Break

July 15, 2021

The Elder Justice Lunch & Learn Program will be taking a break for the month of July. Sessions will resumed on August 19th. More information on future sessions can be found on our event page. Or, to register for any of our previous sessions, click the button below.