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Dodi ZotighDirector, Healthcare Career Pathway

    Dodi Zotigh (she/her) brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare, education, and nonprofit work to Empowered Aging and her role as Director for the Healthcare Career Pathway (HCP) program. In fact, Dodi is a founding member of the HCP model that provides wrap-around support and comprehensive training for folks with addressable barriers seeking to enter the allied health field. The Healthcare Career Pathway program was recognized in the California Master Plan for Aging in 2020 and is now expanding across the state.

    With her direct involvement in the development of HCP, Dodi brings invaluable experience to guide its further growth. In her new role at EA, Dodi will work alongside Executive Director, Susannah Meyer, to oversee and implement the expansion while supporting the local programs in Contra Costa County.

    Before joining Empowered Aging, Dodi worked for nearly 15 years at Mt. Diablo Adult Education in various roles, from the Surgical Technologist Program Director to Allied Health Coordinator. During her time there, Dodi also took on the position of Co-Chair for the Career Technical Education Workgroup at Contra Costa Adult Education Consortium.

    In addition, Dodi spent 11 years in the Army Reserves during Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, where she was assigned to medical and training units from Niagara Falls, NY, to Camp Parks, CA. She also served as an NCO in charge of a small Head & Neck Forward Surgical Team at Ft. Lawton, WA, conducted many medical trainings, and was activated to serve at Madigan Army Medical Center during Operation Enduring Freedom.

    “My passion for social justice and advocacy started, for me, at a young age. My experiences growing up with a single mom who worked as a CNA, as a closeted queer kid attending a public inner-city school with little resources, and a curious, empathic personality have shaped my drive to support, volunteer, and work with organizations that make an impact in the lives of those most in need. I look forward to continuing to make positive change with the Empowered Aging team by improving education through the creation of brave, expansive, and empowering spaces where all identities are acknowledged and supported.”

    Dodi has a BA from Cornell University in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, an MS in Educational Leadership from CSU East Bay, and an MS in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction from Northeast College of Health Sciences. She also served for six years on the Board of Directors for Rainbow Community Center, with the last two years as President.

    Outside of work Dodi loves spending time with her two little ones, both of whom motivate and challenge her to make this world a safer and more welcoming place for them to grow up.