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Reina ZavalaIntake Support Specialist - Supporting All Empowered Aging Communities

    Reina Zavala is a skilled intake specialist with an extensive background in Complaints and Grievances and Advocacy in Health Care. Driven by a goal to connect impacted individuals and communities with necessary resources to foster empowerment, Reina takes great pride in providing compassionate customer service to swiftly assess client needs.

    Before joining Empowered Aging, Reina worked for UCSF Health as an advocate for those receiving services from the medical center. At UCSF Health, she had the opportunity to work with several diverse populations, providing resources and services to the community.

    “I love being able to apply my experience and skills to this advocacy work with seniors and adults with disabilities. It’s an honor to help ensure they feel empowered, respected, cared for, and heard.”

    In her spare time, Reina enjoys reading, going on long walks, listening to music, and spending quality time with her family and dogs.

    Cindy Vanderlinde-Kopper