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Christina FarnhamOmbudsman Program Manager

    Christina Farnham began her career serving the elderly in 2015, working at a local skilled nursing facility, but her passionate drive to help older adults was born out of a close relationship with her grandmother, who took care of Christina and her brother while they were growing up. Christina loved working at the skilled nursing facility but knew she had much more to offer. She soon transitioned into a job working alongside caregivers and Certified Nursing Assistants who provided home care.

    This job gave her great insight into not only the needs of our seniors but the true challenges and ageism they face. Through this experience, she knew becoming an advocate was her next step, and that’s when she joined Empowered Aging. Since joining the team, Christina has proven to be an adept team member who excels at addressing issues negatively impacting the lives of long-term care residents through keen investigation and problem-solving skills.

    “I’ve been loving every minute of my time at Empowered Aging. Our seniors need to be protected and advocated for, and I’m honored for the opportunity to help people fight for their rights. Just because you get older, your life doesn’t mean any less. It’s a joy to see older adults happy living their lives to the fullest.”

    Christina is a California native who currently resides in Solano County with her husband, son, and daughter.