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Daunje SandersElder Justice Program Manager

    Daunje Sanders joined Empowered Aging in 2019 as a Regional Supervisor for the Solano County Ombudsman team. In 2021, she was promoted to Program Coordinator for the county, and in 2023 she took on the role of Program Manager for the Elder Justice Program in Solano. Prior to Daunje’s role as an Ombudsman, she served for 13 years with Sutter Medical Foundation in Radiation Oncology. During her time there, she explored multiple aspects of healthcare, from clinical to administrative settings. Daunje obtained a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Management from Colorado State University–Pueblo (Global).

    “My passion for helping others, especially seniors, came from my experiences while growing up as I was raised by my great-grandparents. It’s truly an honor to be able to advocate for those who can’t or aren’t quite sure how to use their voice, and I thank Empowered Aging for allowing me to grow with them and continue my mission of serving others.”

    Outside of work, Daunje loves spending quality time with her family and cooking…cooking a lot of food that fills her heart and soul!