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Daunje SandersOmbudsman Program Manager - Solano

    Daunje Sanders is the Ombudsman Program Manager for Empowered Aging in Solano County, Northern Area. Prior to Daunje's role as an Ombudsman, Daunje Sanders served for 13 years with Sutter Medical Foundation in Radiation Oncology. During Daunje’s 13 year duration she explored multiple aspects of healthcare from the clinical to administrative settings.  Daunje obtained a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Management and is committed to continuing her education to obtain a Masters Degree in Social Services to continue growth within the industry. Daunje loves helping others through her commitment to advocating for those who can't for themselves.  

    Daunje loves music, cooking, and spending quality time with her family. She has a great appreciation for live entertainment including music and plays. She has strong family roots in music and instrument playing. She is not a major sports fan but will partake in the festivities for the great food and company.